About Us

Celebrating our 59th year in 2019, Troop 636 has for decades provided an active and exciting scouting program for boys from ages eleven to eighteen.  Our program focuses on monthly campouts during the school year, summer camp each summer and high adventure camping most summers for the older scouts.  In addition, we emphasize community service projects and personal advancement for each of the scouts.   Our troop benefits from a strong adult leadership group that handles the logistics for the campouts selected by the scout leadership.  We encourage new boys to join our troop at any stage, but in particular for those turning eleven who wish to join an active group.  Our adult leadership is open to all scout parents who wish to be involved in their son's scouting career.  The troop has enabled over 140 boys to reach the respected rank of Eagle Scout, and has aided countless others with leadership skills, self-confidence, and the simple joy of an active outdoors program.  We highlight below just some of the activities and events in recent years.

Monthly Campouts

Our troop maintains a fully equipped stock of all of the camping equipment needed for an active program, such as tents, stove, lanterns, dining tarps, etc.  Scouts need to bring only their personal gear and sleeping bag.  In recent years, our monthly campouts (usually held on the third weekend of the month) have been to such diverse venues and focused on specific activities like the following:

  • Backpacking, often at the 30,000 acre LBJ National Grasslands near Decatur.
  • Horseback riding, at the Sid Richardson Scout Ranch near Bridgeport.
  • Shooting sports, focusing on both skeet shooting and rifle target practice on private ranches in the area.
  • Survival campouts, at area State Parks and private property, in which the boys make overnight shelters from available materials and practice cooking without the benefit of stoves and other conveniences.
  • Biking campout, usually on the exciting bike trails in North Texas at the Bar H Ranch bike range near Lake Texoma.
  • District wide camporees at one of the three Circle 10 Council scout camps on Possum Kingdom Lake (Camp Constantin), on Lake Texoma (Camp James Ray) or near Athens (Clements Scout Ranch).
  • Rock climbing, on both real cliffs and very tall outdoor climbing towers, usually at the Sid Richardson Scout Ranch.
  • Canoe trips, on rivers in central Texas or East Texas.  We've been on week long or extended weekend excusions on the Guadalupe, the Brazos, and into the Caddo Lake cypress groves in far East Texas.
  • Swimming and fun sports campouts at area State Parks, including Lake Whitney, Mineral Wells, Cooper Lake, and many others.

Council Activities

Our troop also participates actively in several activities sponsored by the Circle 10 Council, which is the Boy Scout council covering North Texas in which the troop is located.  These activities include hosting a booth at the annual Scout Show in which we have specialized in cooking dutch oven pizzas for the prior several years -- a very popular stop for attendees at the show.  We also participate in the annual Scout Popcorn fundraising effort to help raise funds for the council, but more importantly, for troop and individual scout activities throughout the year.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are an iconic Boy Scout adventure, and Troop 636 participates actively.  In recent years, we have held our summer camp at Boy Scout venues such as Camp Constantine on Possum Kingdom Lake, Camp Trevor Rees-Jones, Camp Hale near Talihina, Oklahoma and Camp Alexander in Colorado.  This week-long camp is the ideal way for younger scouts in particular to make major strides in advancing in rank from Tenderfoot through First Class Scout.  The older scouts also enjoy the simple fun of camping in the mountains of Colorado or near the lakes of Arkansas and Texas, and also benefit from numerous merit badge opportunities.

High Adventure Camping

Nationally, the Boy Scouts offer three high adventure camps--at Philmont in northern New Mexico, at Northern Tier, located in the glacial finger lakes area on the Minnesota/Canadian border, and at Sea Base located in several venues in Florida and the Bahamas.   Troop 636 actively attends all three venues.  We have been to Philmont in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013.  Troop 636 attended Northern Tier in 2000, 2006 and 2009, and most recently, sent two 8-man crews in 2012.  The troop has also enjoyed--emphasis on enjoyed--Sea Base by crewing and totally relaxing on medium size sailing ships off the Bahamas in 2003, 2008, 2011 and 2014.  These adventures are open to scouts in the 13 to 14 minimum age range, and are always highlights of each year.

Fund Raising

Because the troop has an active camping program, it tries to ensure that each scout has the opportunity through his own efforts to raise the funds needed to support his participation.  For many years, the troop has hosted a very successful spaghetti dinner, usually in late spring, through which both the troop and the individual scouts can help raise money for their events and for the camping equipment maintained by the troop.  Through a combination of the Popcorn sales in October and the troop's own fund-raising dinner, we have been very successful in ensuring that the scouts can hold their own financially if they actively participate, as most of them do.  This is particularly important because it means that scouts learn both the responsibility of helping with the financial side of an active program, and the pride of knowing they are raising money to support their own participation without always going to their parents.

Adult Recognition

Each year the troop recognizes one of its adult leaders for their above-and-beyond efforts on behalf of the scouts.  The recognition is known as the 'Charlie Award,' named after longtime area scouter Charlie Hendrix.  The award is a district wide award made by nomination of each troop or pack and presented to one individual from each unit at the annual White Rock District awards banquet.  The Charlie Award recipients from Troop 636 since 1995 are:


Ragan Broyles



Dale M. Hogue


Peggy Paradise



Tom Downey


Ronald Hall



George Tarpley


Jeanne Tunks



Kevin Graham


Jerie Booth



Greg McFarland


Jim Dunkin



Laura Graham


Dexter Cook



Larry Gray


Tom Odeski



Brian Hamilton








Since its inception, the troop has benefitted enormously from the individuals who have served as the Scoutmaster.  While they will be the first to note that the constant support from all of the adult volunteers is critical to the success of Troop 636, it is the Scoutmaster who sets the tone, takes the lead and provides the direct inspiration for the scouts and the troop.  Paul Sawyer is Troop 636's current Scoutmaster.  Troop 636 is proud to list those individuals who have held this important and impressive position since its inception fifty-five years ago:


E.W. Hawn


1984 – 1987

Bob Hawthorne


Curtis Campbell


1988 – 1991

Shane Herrington

1963 – 1964

Floyd Penney


1991 – 1993

Rick King

1965 – 1966

John Hengy, Jr.



Frank Sverck

1967 – 1968

Kenneth E. Slane


1995 – 1998

James V. Wintle

1969 – 1971

Boyd Jones


1998 – 2006

Ronald C. Hall

1972 – 1973

Stanley Smith


2006 – 2007

Greg McFarland

1974 – 1975

John Shinn


2007 – 2011

Russell Labhart

1975 – 1977

Gerald Weghorst


2011 – 2015

David Bush

1978 – 1980

Dowe Stewart


2016 -

Paul Sawyer


Harold Hoerster




1982 – 1983

Bill Burgess